July 2018

The IYB committee organised the very first workshop for Judges and Trainers at Blue Hors Stud Denmark on July 24th and 25th 2018. Our thanks to hosts Blue Hors Stud and to Inge Madsen of the Danish Warmblood (DWB) for assistance in organising. The workshop was attended by a group of 22 judges and trainers representing ten different studbooks. The workshop proved a very beneficial networking occasion for the judges & trainers in attendance. In depth discussion was held on the scoring of conformation, athleticism traits and the in hand discipline as well as other very important matters relating to the World Championships. Updates can now be made to the competition manual which will hopefully benefit organisers, judges, trainers and competitors for future championships.



July 2017

Minutes of the Bi-anual Meeting held at Spruce Meadows during the WBFSH Worldchampionships of International Young Breeders.

Presentation history and recent developements  Financial statement  Participants meeting  Minutes of meeting

General Assembly Report


August 2015

Minutes of the Bi-anual Meeting held at Hartpury College during the WBFSH Worldchampionships of International Young Breeders.

Presentation history and recent developements   Financial statement    Participants meeting   Minutes of meeting


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The actual Delegates of the IYB 



The actual Board of the International Young Breeders:

Celia Clarke (Great Britain) Secretary, Inken Gräfin von Platen Hallermund (Holstein, Germany) President, Thomas Rädel (Oldenburg, Germany) Treasurer, Lieve de Greeff (Belgium) Vice President


April 2015

Here you can get the acutual list with the delegates per contry as PDF file

Januar 2015

The latest news:

1. Celia Clark presented the IYB at the WBFSH General Assembly in Brazil
You find here the her presentation, she got good feedback on our progress (zip).

2. There where not any more changes for the constitution and guidelines. Those that are published on the website will be thatones the teams can rely on.

3. WBFSH-Worldchampionships in Hartpury from 06.-08.08./ 09.08. Gatcombe Eventing
The exact conditions are worked out by Celia at the moment. In January costs will be sent arround. New first Date to name the teams is MARCH 2015.

3. The delegates per Country need to be named up to the next time in 2015
Further on all Information will go to the delegates and those sent them further on to their additional contacts.
Attached you find a startinglist of delegates, please check if your country is represented already and check if the dates are complete and correct.

Here is the number of delegates your Country can name:
Countries with 1 or 2 active IYB member studbooks = 1 vote/delegate
Countries with 3 to 5 active IYB member studbooks = 2 votes/delegates
Countries with 6 to 8 active IYB member studbooks = 3 votes/delegates
Countries with 9 or more active IYB member studbooks = 5 votes/delegates
Please load the Excel table for the delegates (zip).

4. These named delegates will take part at the IYB meeting in August.
Out of these delegates we are going to vote a new Vice-Secretary and a Treasurer.

5. The membershipfee of 20 € per active studbook will be charged after the teams are named for the Competition in Hartpury. The membership fee is NOT per country, it is per activ studbook. But please take care that the number of activstudbooks is the basic of the number of delegates for the meeting in August.

6. The Canadians would need a feedback of how many teams probably will come in 2017 to Calgary, they just run the competition when enough teams will come. This decision needs to be done latest in August as well.
Please dicuss this iteam already in your studbook. That we will have an idea in March for the round about number of teams. The costs per flight are about 1.200 €/person, the rest probably is the same than usually. The Canadians will try to organise group sleepingrooms to keep the costs low, but it is no guarantee.

Sorry for the amount of information. But I think all of you are interested in this items and early decisions! In August we need to look forward whats the plan for 2019 as well.
We might need to find another studbook to host the competition already in 2017.

But the Canadians would very much like to welcome the IYB and so far everyone should try to work on to make the Worldchampionship a really worth "World"Championship. I know that means a lot of work, finding sponsors etc., but for our young breeders it is a good value that we work for!!

August 2014

As decided in our general Meeting 2013 Celia Clarke drafted a constitution and added points to our already existing guidelines. After the first draft was sent out in December 2013 she noted all the replies and then sent out another version in April 2014. Again we received feedback from several interested studbooks suggesting further changes and these have now been incorporated in the final versions of both the Constitution and the Guidelines.

The final version of the Guidelines and the Constitution are now being published on our website www.young-breeders.com . Here you can all find the documents concerned as well as a great deal of further actual information. Please note that the 2015 championships will run under these rules so if you have any additional comments you would like to make on the documents – or any changes or improvements you can suggest please contact Celia Clarke via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it by 1st September 2014 at the latest.

The next general Meeting will be held in August 2015 during the WBFSH World championships of IYB in Hartpury College UK. A new Vice-President and a first-ever Treasurer will need to be elected at this meeting and they will be expected to serve for the following four years (i.e. from 2015 to 2019). Nominations for each of these posts can be made by any member studbook but the person nominated must be the IYB representative of that country. Sadly, our Vice-President Norman Storey has informed us that he does not wish to stand again, so we send him a huge thank you for his work during the last years we are sending a big Thank you to him. Unfortunately he cannot join the 2015 Championships because the Dublin Horse Show will be taking place at the same time.

Please remember that the constitution requires that the Board of the IYB need to be informed no later than the beginning of February of any change in the name or contact details of any country representative. A list of current country representatives is here, please check that it is correct and email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it as soon as possible if any changes have to be made to it.

All teams are invited to have a look at their team page on the website. Quite a number of these are now out of date so lease the IYB web master Sven Matthiesen via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with any changes or updates you think are necessary.

General Meeting 2013

As a result of the member's meeting held on Friday 12 July at Bollerup several decisions were taken.
These are:
  1. A Manual on how to run the championships will be drawn up and circulated for comment to all members by November this year with agreement and adoption scheduled for February 2014
  2. A constitution will be drawn up, formalised and agreed as soon as possible
  3. An ad hoc committee made up of the three current Board members (Inken Grafin Platen, Norman Storey and myself) plus Ann-Charlotte Cardier (SV), Maja Mulvad (DV) and Sonja Lowenfish (AWR) has been set up to help drawn up and comment on 1 and 2 so that all issues are hopefully addressed before the main draft is circulated to members in (probably) mid November for feed back and comments prior to a Members meeting in February to agree the final versions.
  4. The Young KWPN has agreed to host the February meeting at the KWPN Stallion Grading so hopefully Ina and Charlotte will be able to confirm the venue and date by the time of the WBFSH General Assembly in Poland in October so that members can make the necessary travel arrangements.
    Celia Clarke probably will circulate VERY initial drafts of both the Manual and the Constitution to the ad hoc committee by no later than 10 August so that their comments can be incorporated into a second draft by the end of September and a final draft will then follow for full circulation and comment in November.
  5. The next WBFSH-Worldchampionships will be held in July 2015 in the UK.
  6. For the Championships 2017 Canada invites all associations. Like at the championships before the costs for transport and stay will not be payed by the organising studbook.

Therefore every association should decide up to the end of the year if they will take part. If there are too less teams that can go to Canada the Danish association will be able to host the Championships 2017.

Further informations about the championships in 2015 and 2017 will follow.

We present Okt 2013 from IYB in Warsaw:
Download for PowerPoint .pptx packed as .zip
Download for Adobe Reader to convert in .pdf

General Meeting 2011

The Bi-annual General Meeting of the WBFSH International Young Breeders programme was held at Chazey sur Ain, France on 22nd July during the 2011 WBFSH Young Breeders World Championship.

Many countries with young breeder movements sent representatives, including Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, Ireland, Sweden and new comers Great Britain, The Netherlands and the USA. There were some lively discussions, with the need to improve communication amongst member studbooks and championship organizers and the need to plan ahead a little more. It was confirmed that

  1. the General meetings will be held every two years at the championships themselves and
  2. that the top 25% of winners in all individual sections will be listed on the IYB web site alongside the final rankings (junior, senior and combined) of all the studbooks taking part.

The meeting was delighted to learn that there was now a new web master in place and that the WBFSH had pledged 1000 euros per year to help maintain it.

The meeting also re-confirmed Inken Gräfin von Platen Hallermund (Germany) as President and Norman Storey (Ireland) as Vice- President. Following the resignation of the Secretary earlier in the year this post was still vacant and it was agreed that as the language of all correspondence, rules and documents is English (in compliance with WBFSH rules) it would be best if a native English speaker was appointed to this post and Celia Clarke (Great Britain) was duly elected.

Finally, and most importantly for the future of the competition it was agreed that the 2013 championships should be held in Sweden and that the possibility of holding the 2015 event in the UK should be pursued by the Secretary. The meeting also agreed that such European-based championships did make it difficult for those from other continents to take part and it was agreed that the officers of the IYB should investigate ways in which financial and travel support can be given to such teams, especially those from North America.


The actual Board of Young Breeders:
Celia Clarke (Great Britain) Secretary
Inken Gräfin von Platen Hallermund (Germany) President
Norman Storey (Irland) Vize President

The foundation history of International Young Breeders

At the WBFSH World Championships for Young Breeders foundet in 2009 in Ireland, eleven representatives of young horse breeders worldwide came together to start a new organisation. Aim was to improve an international cooperation and especially to arrange a regular World Championship for Young Breeders. The board of the  association involves representatives of Switzerland, Canada, Belgium, Ireland, Mexico, Denmark, Sweden, and Germany. Inken Johannsen from the Holstein Young Breeders (Germany) became president for the period 2009-2013. She will be supported by Norman Storey (Ireland) as the Vice-President and Marcel Koch (France) as secretary. There will be an annual meeting of all members that takes place every second year at the World Championships and every other year at the general assembly of the annual meeting of WBFSH (World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses).


The board of the International Young Breeders in 2009:
Front Marcel Koch, Inken Johannsen, Norman Storey,
behind Geert Schepers (Belgium), Salome Wägeli (Swiss),
Alison Corbally (Ireland), Manuel Sada (Mexico),
last line: Jane Bech Jensen (Denmark), Hendrik Fiegel (Germany),
Cindy Orr (Canada), Maren Schlender (Germany), Maria Edlén (Sweden).


Here you find the Constitution