Name of team: Slovenian Young Breeders

Head of team: Lea Jakos

E-Mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (Lea Jakos)

Phone: 00 386 70 206 119 (Lea Jakos)

Association: Studbook for Slovenian Warmblood Horses

Location: Maribor

Country: Slovenia

Numbers of young breeder: 23+head of team

Homepage: www.slovenian-young-breeders.si


Our team consists of eleven young breeders, who all decided to dedicate their youth to horses, and since we are the very first YB team in Slovenia, we are extremely proud of that.

It is in our greatest interest that we, as a young group of people, who are and will be able to learn about the horse breeding throughout all of our lives, contribute as much as we can to Slovenian horse breeding, escpecially the breeding of Slovenian warmblood.

What is also very important to us, is that we realize that horse breeding should constantly lean towards better and that we have an amazing opportunity to achieve exactly that. We wish to let people here know, that horse breeding isn't just something that interests only elderly people, but it is also starting to become more and more popular among us, youngsters.

We have a goal, a vision to educate ourselves and others to become more aware of how the horse breeding here should be properly handled and also a duty to create a future to be as bright as possible for the YB yet to come.

But all in all, we want to have fun doing this and it is the way we are doing it, that makes as joyous and extremely grateful to be given the opportunity to learn and just be a part of the world of these beautiful beings.